Maximize Your Produce Packaging Potential

SR-Film is a proprietary flexible packaging style film that is specifically designed by Sev-Rend for the fresh produce industry as a drop in ready option on all popular fresh produce bagging machines. SR-Film is specifically designed for consumer style produce bags that range from the 1LBS to 8LBS range that allows for safe handling not only in transportation but also the retail space.  Sev-Rend’s SR-Film is the ideal structure that when paired up with Sev-Rend’s Sof-Net makes the ideal packaging vehicle that are easy to handle along with being great for displaying fresh produce.  This product is able to be customized for various commodities and package sizes to help accent the produce within it.  Not only does Sev-Rend’s SR-Film act as a perfect vehicle for your fresh produce packaging it also utilizes less plastic than other traditional produce packaging types.  With SR-Film you are able to hit your sustainability goals when compared to most other packaging types in the fresh produce aisle due to the overall grams of plastic utilized within the product along with welding techniques when adding the netting to the film.  This product is also offered in fully recyclable options along with our Bio-Able Solutions product line making Sev-Rend’s SR-Film the smart sustainable choice for your product’s packaging that is tried and trusted by the industry.


  • Film is used on a form fill and seal machine
  • Quality construction for accurate welding
  • Creates film bags that are easy to handle
  • Produced in various widths and lengths
  • Available with Registration Marks or Random Repeat
  • Compatible with industry netted bagging machinery
  • Direct Thermal Labels available for branding, bar coding and COO labeling when necessary
  • Eye-catching custom graphics
  • Solid stock colors available

Food Applications:

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