Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sev-Rend is putting the future first as today’s rapidly changing environmental landscape impacts the lives of consumers and businesses alike, creating innovative packaging solutions that are recyclable, compostable, sustainable, biodegradable and earth friendly.

We are leading by example. Our customers can expect access to our sustainability retailer index, targeted training to meet critical deadlines, and our supplier data on carbon and waste with EcoVadis and GRI guidelines.

Our sustainable packaging solutions are keeping up with changing consumer and buyer demands and retailer-driven sustainability initiatives that will be required of manufacturers as early as 2025. Sev-Rend is leading by example.

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Retailer-Driven Sustainability Initiatives

bio-Able™ biodegradable food packaging materials

bio-ABLE™ Solutions

Sev-Rend’s innovative line of packaging solutions includes bio-ABLE™ biodegradable packaging materials which break down to zero micro-plastics by breaking the carbon bonds that hold polymers together. bio-Able™ plastics begin to biodegrade within 24 months in landfill and compost environments.

Pcr Able

pcr-ABLE™ Solutions

Sev-Rend’s new pcr-ABLE™ recycled solution used in pouches, film and SR film, allows up to 60 percent recycled content in our in-house extruded materials to meet 2025 retailer minimums in recycled packaging materials.

Our Sustainability Promise

Sev-Rend believes in leading by example. Our commitment to our community, from the shores of the mighty Mississippi River to the recycle bins in our schools and office buildings throughout Collinsville, IL, is that we will leave this world in a better place than when we arrived.

Reducing our carbon footprint and teaching our community to do the same, is a reflection of our commitment to stakeholders. Helping our customers to meet sustainability deadlines is an extension of this promise.

Sustainability Ratings for Global Supply Chains

Since 2016, Sev-Rend has rated with EcoVadis reaching the Bronze Medal level in 2023. EcoVadis rates over 100,000 global companies each year with Sev-Rend finishing in the top 31% this ratings year.

Ratings are based on four criteria: environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Sev-Rend aspires to reach Silver Medal level in 2024 placing us in the top 25% of global companies.

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