June 27, 2024

The Fresh Cred Podcast: Sev-Rend’s Mark Hoppenjans on Innovative Packaging & Industry Trends

At Viva Fresh 2024 in Houston, TX, Mark Hoppenjans sits down with The Fresh Cred Host Craig Slate and Co-host Ed Bertaud to discuss the latest trends and innovations in sustainable packaging. Whether you’re a packaging aficionado or just curious about the future of sustainability, this episode is packed with valuable insights and engaging discussions you don’t want to miss.

Real Solutions

PCR vs Compost

Complete Circle

Produce Brand

Listen to the Full Podcast where Mark Hoppenjans discusses:

  • Viva Fresh 2024 and produce culture (the “all boats rise” mentality)
  • Top products in the industry right now
  • Compostable vs PCR packaging — what is the industry ready for?
  • Retailer requirements for 2025
  • The future of produce packaging — taking small steps to sustainability