Dangler Tag®

A Tag Specifically Designed for the Meat & Cheese Industry

Sev-Rend’s Dangler Tag® collection is ideal for your protein or dairy product, but is also ideal for any wet environment that operates in moisture. Sev-Rend’s Dangler Tag® is engineered to be durable and strong for the rigorous packing environment.  These tags can be printed on both sides but also have unique capabilities depending on the product need.


The Dangler Tag® is available in several substrate combinations to give the product maximum efficiencies for the packing stage of production.  There are embossing and direct thermal capabilities for additional information to be added to the Dangler Tag®.  They are also reinforced for strength in the retail environment so this tag stays clipped to its product! There are also perforations along with other additions that can be made to the Dangler Tag® product line so that it is optimized to operate ideally within popular industry packing equipment.

Dangler Tags can either be applied automatically or manually depending on the product type.  Reach out to Sev-Rend today to discuss how we can level up your tag program and become an ideal packaging partner.

Food Applications:

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