Customer Highlight: Sage Fruit Company Organic Sweet Cherry Pouch with Bio-Able Solutions Technology A Quick Bite by Sev-Rend Feature

Sage Organic Cherry Pouch with Bio-Able Solutions Technology

This month, the Sev-Rend team wanted to take time to highlight a new project that came through our facility that utilizes a new offering we have for the fresh produce industry.  Our client, Sage Fruit Company, worked with our team to develop a new, sustainable pouch for their Organic Dark Sweet Cherries that also uses Sev-Rend’s new Bio-Able Solutions Technology.

We took some time to briefly talk with Kaci Komstadius, Social Media and Consumer Marketing Manager of Sage Fruit Company, on this new project and Sage Fruit’s commitment as a company to sustainability.  Kaci has recently been featured on the popular produce industry podcast The Produce Moms, and has been working diligently with her team throughout the 2021 cherry season:

Can you briefly describe Sage Fruit Company’s commitment to sustainability?

We understand that today’s consumers want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and they expect the companies they purchase their goods and services from to help them achieve these sustainability goals. With increased concerns over single-use plastic, as well as a heightened awareness of the availability of more sustainable options, Sage Fruit has been actively seeking alternative solutions to traditional packaging.

What are some of the challenges you are facing right now at Sage Fruit Company?

As an industry, we are once again seeing a labor shortage.

Any new projects/products at Sage Fruit Co that you want to discuss?

We are constantly evaluating new packaging to bring to market that will meet consumers’ expectations. With regards to products, this season will see an industry-wide increase in Cosmic Crisp®.  For those who do not know – Cosmic Crisp® is an American apple that is classically bred and grown in Washington State.

Can you give me a brief rundown on your background and how you got into the fresh produce industry?

I was born and raised in the Yakima Valley, and as hard as I tried to leave, it pulled me right back in after college. With Yakima being a large agricultural region, it was only fitting that I found a career in fresh produce. Right after college, I was hired as a sales assistant at Sage Fruit Company and after three years, I made the move to the marketing side of the business. With the marketing department, I began as the Social Media Director, but that position has continued to evolve and includes overall Consumer Marketing for our products.   

Is there anything new going on with your department at Sage Fruit Company that you want to share?

Recently, I sat down The Produce Moms to discuss our efforts in becoming a more Earth-Friendly, eco-conscious company. Click here is a link to the current episode of the podcast that launched last week.

This year we also introduced a virtual scavenger hunt for consumers. Not knowing how 2021 would go, we still wanted to connect with consumers in a unique and fun way. Players can download the Eventzee app on their smartphone or tablet, use join code ‘APPLES’ and begin completing the challenges. The virtual event features GPS, photo, video, text, and quiz challenges, with new challenges appearing weekly. The grand prize is a 10 minute Zoom call with NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart and 10-time World of Outlaws Champion Donny Schatz. Feel free to click here to learn more on the Sage Scavenger Hunt.

Look for Sage Fruit Company’s Organic Dark Sweet Cherries in stores now.  This product utilizes Sev-Rend’s new, patent-pending offering, Bio-Able Solutions, for the product’s pouch packaging.

Bio-Able Solutions’ packaging is uniquely formulated to fully degrade in both marine and terrestrial environments, leaving behind no micro plastics.  Given the environmental conditions of the waste, the plastic packaging will start to bio-assimilate after 18 months. However, within the 18-month window, this packaging is also fully accessible for the recycle stream, giving the consumer multiple options for the end of life on this product’s packaging.

For more information on Bio-Able Solutions by Sev-Rend please feel free to visit our website here.