Sustainability In Focus A Quick Bite by Sev-Rend Feature

Luigi Indacochea – Sev-Rend’s Sustainability Team Leader

Sustainable Packaging has been the main focus for Sev-Rend in the past several years. As packaging manufacturers we are constantly on the forefront of the subject of sustainable packaging. As a company, we are continuously working with our vendors and clients to look for new solutions that meet the need for a true sustainable packaging option.

In doing so, Sev-Rend is pleased to introduce our new Sustainability Team Leader – Luigi Indacochea. Luigi has been with Sev-Rend for several years now leading the charge as our Southeast Regional Sales Manager. In 2020 he was also appointed as the Sustainability Team Leader at Sev-Rend to help spearhead new projects for our clients with a sustainability focus.

“The need for sustainable packaging options has been a common trend for several years now, but there have been several issues that surround this trend. Greenwashing has been a common issue with many packaging manufacturers for the past several years making the market skeptical of new solutions” states Luigi Indacochea. “The true reality of the situation is that as of lately recycling of single use plastic packaging is the only true option that is readily available for a good percentage of the population.”

Creating plastic packaging that is recyclable has been one of the main focuses for Sev-Rend for the past several years and the need for plastic packaging is still present due to its positive characteristics, such as durability and product preservation to prevent food waste. There are also new options that Sev-Rend has been focusing on for the fresh produce market that target the issue of single use plastics.

Bio-Able Solutions by Sev-Rend directly addresses plastic and food packaging sustainability. Enabled with bio-assimilation technology, Bio-Able Solutions products are 100% recyclable and uniquely formulated to fully degrade in a rapid amount of time in both marine and terrestrial environments, leaving behind no micro-plastic waste.

Typical plastic packaging can possibly take hundreds of years to break down. Bio-Able Solutions with SPTek ECLIPSE patented formulation, breaks down in a matter of 24 months and still retains the unique features of traditional plastic that makes it a favorable packaging vehicle, such as bond strengths and barrier properties for product preservation. On top of this – Bio-Able Solutions products are FDA approved and 100% recyclable as well.

“We are in the process of certifying all packaging products manufactured by Sev-Rend for the Bio-Able Solution product line” states Luigi Indacochea – Sev-Rend’s Sustainable Team Leader. “We currently have our SR-Film, Sof-Net Netting, and pouch products certified for the Bio-Able product line and are working to have our tag products certified as well.”

“The addition of the Bio-Able Solutions to our packaging portfolio is something the Sev-Rend team has been working diligently on since well before COVID” said Jeff Watkin, Director of Marketing for Sev-Rend. “We all have skin in this game as the growth of single-use plastics is forecasted to continue to rise. A solution is needed that crosses multiple areas of the sustainable packaging front and we feel confident this helps to service 100% of the consumer base, which current options do not achieve.”

“The fresh produce industry is a great target market for this product line due to the shorter shelf life you typically see with produce when compared to other categories in the retail environment” said Luigi Indacochea. “The 24 month breakdown cycle works perfectly for this product type. We see Bio-Able Solutions’ products as plastic packaging in a responsible format”

We encourage everyone to visit to learn more on the product. You can also reach out to your Sev-Rend Sales Manager to get more information and learn how we can convert your current packaging consumables line to the Bio-Able Solutions products.