Service + Quality = Success A Quick Bite by Sev-Rend Feature

Gold Ink 2020 Award Winners

As a packaging manufacturer for over 25 years, Sev-Rend has always strive to cement in clients for the long run, making them ‘life-time’ customers for their packaging products.  To do this, Sev-Rend has made it a habit to focus on service and quality for their clients.

Sev-Rend originally started as a tag and label manufacturer that uniquely serviced the fresh produce industry.  As the industry evolved, so did Sev-Rend by making capital investments to bring new product types into their portfolio for the market.

“Ten years ago we invested into the capability to print and convert flexible packaging on a large scale along with offering tubular knitted netting to the market called Sof-Net” states Jeff Watkin, Director of Marketing for Sev-Rend.  “There was a need for a domestic manufacturer of these items offered with a focus on turnaround time and attention to quality.  This helped us to support other items in our current client’s packaging portfolios along with tapping into new accounts due to the need for these packaging solutions at a fast rate.”

The growth into the flexible packaging portion of the CPG world has been a rewarding challenge for Sev-Rend.  As the support for the fresh produce industry grew so did opportunities in other markets.  The focus on service and quality has opened the doors for new product categories for Sev-Rend which has also received notice by some print industry publications such as Printing Impressions magazine.

Sev-Rend was humbled to have receive Gold Ink Awards in both 2019 and 2020 from Printing Impressions.  The most recent were multiple awards in 2020 for products that are newer to Sev-Rend’s product portfolio – custom standup pouches.  These were also for categories outside of the fresh produce industry which definitely turned some heads.

The true success from these recognition is the knowledge and growth that can be re-introduced to Sev-Rend original focus the fresh produce industry.  Being able to take tips and ideas across different packaging platforms is a dynamic that many do not see in the packaging manufacturing world, and being able to offer multiple product types under the same roof ensure consistency for a brand’s packaging.

“As we grow we look to see where our product types can fill gaps in the market.  One main area has been in the frozen food industry” states Art Vega, VP of Sales & Marketing.  “The demand for more packaging to service the retail sector dramatically increased due to COVID in 2020 and we were there to quickly fill the gap in several new categories.  Our team’s attention to quality and service allowed us to quickly enter new markets and become a player.  This pace has not subsided going into 2021 and we anticipate some big things coming from Sev-Rend in the near future.”